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+40 744 555 580
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Șoseaua Nordului 28-36, etaj. 2, ap. 2.1
Sector 1, 014104 București


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Gabriel Oniceag
+40 744 555 580
Cristian Ghiță
+40 728 733 133
Leo Panchiosu
+40 734 389 377
Company information
Head office address:

139 Barbu Vacarescu Street, Sc. A, Parter, Ap. 3, sector 2, 020273 Bucuresti, Romania

Work point address:

Soseaua Nordului nr. 28-36, Et. 2, Ap. 2.1, Sector 1, 014104 Bucuresti, Romania

Trade Register:



RO 33020276

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